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Global Food Supply Shortages

Supply Chains Still Under Pressure; Shortages of Beer and Popcorn

global food supply shortage - supply chain tribe by celerity

We have seen massive shortages of lettuce in Australia, onions and salami in Japan and even bottled beer in Germany, leaving businesses to pick up the pieces through alternative methods. From adverse weather to the pandemic to geopolitical tensions and rebounding demand, there can be multiple macro factors responsible for this.

One of the newest additions to the list is Sriracha, which was further caused by a lack of chili peppers, and people are not happy about this, to say the least. Popcorn, in the US, has faced a similar supply chain crisis while, in other news, global potato shortage is making headlines.

Business leaders need to rethink how and where they produce and source from. Through use of emerging technologies and better planning, potential delays, and constant firefighting can be reduced.