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WISeKey announces secure supply chain management product

Integrates IoT devices, Satellite technology, and Blockchain

WISeKey secure supply chain management - Supply Chain Tribe by Celerity

WISeKey security chips are being used to protect different types of IoT devices such as satellites and their captured images and communications from agriculture and logistics sensors. This product leverages the extensive reach of the picosatellites and their ability to connect to low energy IoT devices and combines it with the immutability of data and smart contracting feature of Casper blockchain to offer unique benefits to the supply chain management industry. You can now track the data of your goods in transit like environmental conditions, geo-location, etc. in a reliable manner and also make logistic processes more efficient using the smart contracting feature offered by Casper blockchain.

Combining the power of WISeID with the ability of these secured IoT devices to communicate with the picosatellites that aim to cover every spot on the planet with a maximum latency of 10mins and the immutability and smart contracting provided by Casper blockchain, the new product is set to disrupt the supply chain management. The IoT devices are no longer dependent on the cellular networks and the data sent via the satellites is authenticated through WISeID. This is going to make a significant difference to the supply chains of critical goods where environmental conditions and security of the goods being shipped is extremely critical e,g, blood, organs, or vaccines.