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H&M Foundation helps build traceable plastic waste in India

H&M Foundation launched a U$11m initiative to help lift plastic waste pickers in India out of poverty

HM Foundation Sustainable Supply Chain in Fashion- Supply Chain Tribe by Celerity

Saamuhika Shakti aims to equip waste pickers to lift themselves out of poverty through a holistic ecosystem of organisations. Eight local partners are working together to support the waste picker community in various aspects.

The buttons partly made from the plastic waste (recycled PET bottles sourced by waste pickers) are now featured on garments sold worldwide. The buttons are traceable down to the source of the waste along with names of the workers, social security, salaries and working conditions at the aggregation centre. With the fashion and textile industry working to shift business models from linear to circular, sustainable materials are in demand, and recycled plastic plays a vital part in creating a regenerative industry.