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Dubai’s DP World to explore metaverse

Will solve real-world supply chain challenges

DP World to explore metaverse - Supply Chain Tribe by Celerity

Given the scale of DP World’s operations, spanning six continents, 80 ports and various logistics operations, the company is uniquely positioned to help customers accelerate the flow of goods into its logistics networks.

Mike Bhaskaran, Group COO of digital technology at DP World, said: “The DPMETAWORLD will allow us to provide highly flexible, cost-effective supply chain solutions. The real benefit for our customers is being able to see and understand the whole supply chain from end to end, with full visibility, and create alternate routes in case of logistics bottlenecks. We are very excited about providing these unique solutions to help resolve real-world supply constraints.”

DP World will explore metaverse applications for its services, including simulations of warehousing and terminal operations, in so-called digital twins — 3D virtual versions of physical assets — as well as container and vessel inspections.