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TVS Mobility Group has partnered with Oracle to streamline operations

To expedite the financial and supply chain operations, myTVS teams up with Oracle.

TVS Mobility Group has partnered with Oracle to streamline operations - Supply Chain Tribe by Celerity

MyTVS will benefit from greater supply chain insight across the automotive ecosystem thanks to the cooperation with Oracle, as well as real-time inventory visibility across numerous distribution sites.

MyTVS, the largest automotive aftermarket digital platform in India and a member of the US$2 billion TVS Mobility Group, has partnered with Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications to streamline operations, boost organisational effectiveness, better match inventory to customer demand, and cut costs associated with the supply chain.

MyTVS, situated in Tamil Nadu, will benefit from enhanced awareness of the automotive ecosystem supply chains and real-time visibility of inventories across several distribution hubs thanks to the cooperation with Oracle. The ordering cycle time will be greatly shortened and the procurement process will be made more efficient as a result.

G. Srinivasa Raghavan, the managing director of myTVS, explained the cooperation by saying that it will enable the company to supply affordable procedures that will support the seamless operation of digital enterprises.

Oracle Fusion Applications will increase myTVS' capabilities to integrate and digitalize processes, boost business insights, improve speed and accuracy in reporting and decision-making to shorten the time to close the books, and assist us to make smarter decisions, he continued.