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TraceLink and Genpact Collaborate to Increase Digital Supply Chain Delivery

TraceLink Partners with Genpact to Expand Delivery of Digital Supply Chain Innovation for Healthcare and Life Sciences Sectors

TraceLink and Genpact Collaborate to Increase Digital Supply Chain Delivery  - Supply Chain Tribe by Celerity

TraceLink and Genpact employ sophisticated digital orchestration solutions to address supply chain complexity.

In order to increase the delivery of digital supply chain solutions and innovation within the healthcare and life sciences sectors, TraceLink, a global leader in supply chain solutions, announced that it has partnered with Genpact (NYSE: G), a global provider of professional services and solutions that delivers outcomes that shape the future. With Genpact's data, technology, and artificial intelligence (AI) supply chain management expertise and TraceLink's cutting-edge supply chain digitalization technology, healthcare and life sciences customers can now orchestrate better outcomes across their end-to-end supply chains, including improved cost, service, predictability, and resilience.

According to Erich Gampenrieder, Global Head of Supply Chain Strategy and Growth at Genpact, "supply chain pressures in life sciences and healthcare are increasingly complex due to technological advancements, innovative treatments, and disruptions in global trade." In collaboration with TraceLink, we are addressing these issues by utilizing our supply chain transformation experience, data, technology, and AI-first strategy. We are revolutionizing supply chain management and optimization for enterprises through our combined extensive expertise of the life sciences and healthcare, which is spurring innovation, effectiveness, and efficiency in the sector."

Multienterprise Information Network Tower (MINT), a proven solution from TraceLink, and its vast network of over 291,000 industry-specific entities complement Genpact's significant expertise in Supply Chain Management (SCM). With the help of this partnership, companies in the pharmaceutical sector can quickly and affordably connect their ERP and other enterprise systems to a real-time network of partners, giving them access to real-time supply chain data. It also helps to organize multi-enterprise business relationships with partners, which greatly enhances visibility and collaboration.

"Genpact's proven track record in driving supply chain transformation, coupled with TraceLink's unparalleled technology platform, Opus, creates a synergy that will propel companies towards achieving digital supply chain orchestration like never before," said Shabbir Dahod, president and CEO of Trace

Moreover, leaders in life sciences companies—COOs, CSCOs, and leaders in logistics and distribution—can optimize the potential of TraceLink's Integrate-Once, Interoperate with EveryoneTM capabilities by combining its cutting-edge supply chain digitalization technology with Genpact's digital transformation expertise. Through this strategic agreement, TraceLink's products will now be more accessible to businesses looking for all-inclusive digital supply chain solutions. Genpact's top-down approach to business challenges will also be used.