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Raft AI Boosts Performance Optimization at Navia Freight

Navia Freight deploys Raft AI

Raft AI Boosts Performance Optimization at Navia Freight - Supply Chain Tribe by Celerity

Raft recently announced the successful rollout of Navia's AI-automated logistics finance capacity to handle large amounts of AP invoices. Navia is an integrated global freight and logistics firm.

Thousands of invoices from the partners Navia finance teams collaborate with to keep their customers' freight moving are sent to them each month. The majority of that processing is now handled by AI with Raft, including validation against current data in addition to document processing and data extraction. Teams at Navia are now able to concentrate on offering their clients services and value.

For B2B and e-commerce applications, Navia is a vertically integrated supply chain partner that offers solutions in freight forwarding, customs brokerage, third-party logistics, and purchase order and vendor management. With over 100,000 items shipped for some of the top retail and industrial machinery firms in the world, hundreds of thousands of containers are moved annually between nine offices worldwide by highly skilled workers who use both partner and proprietary technology.

According to Rob Ardesi, Chief Operations Officer of Navia, "AI now takes care of more than 3,000 minutes a week of document processing, which were tasks that our staff did not enjoy." "We had to optimize our processes as a result of Raft's automation, which helped us find areas for improvement that we would not have otherwise noticed."

Through consolidated dashboards, automated approval workflows, and zero-touch invoice processing, AI is assisting Navia in overcoming the challenges associated with human financial operations. Currently, 35% of received invoices can be processed effectively with no human participation, and 40% can be processed with just one touch. These were large-scale tasks that had previously taken up a lot of the Navia financial teams' time.

80% of the Global 1000 supply chains are managed by more than 50 logistics firms using Raft, the largest AI-powered logistics platform in the world. Over 10,000 users manage over 5 million shipments annually on the platform, encompassing every commodity, trade corridor, and transit mode.

Raft CEO James Coombes stated, "The Navia team saw the immense potential that AI can bring to the logistics industry from day one." "There will be a significant change in the way that technology is used to move freight as AI develops. We are excited to go with the Navia team.

Previously, the accounts payable staff at Navia faced ongoing problems and stress due to improper cost allocation caused by human mistake. The entire procedure was automated using the Raft platform, increasing efficiency and accuracy at the same time.

Director of Communications and Enablement at Navia, Greg Amanatidis, continued, "Raft ultimately enables us to provide better services to our customers." Operations teams can minimize delays and keep freight flowing since they have greater capacity and insights