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Blue Yonder Empowers Supply Chain Goals with Advanced Insights

Blue Yonder Empowers Organizations to Deliver on Supply Chain Business Objectives With Advanced Planning and Execution Insights

Blue Yonder Empowers Supply Chain Goals with Advanced Insights - Supply Chain Tribe by Celerity

Blue Yonder launched additional planning and execution capabilities that enable supply chain professionals to fulfill crucial business objectives, bolstering its corporate supply chain platform and industry-specific products as it continues to build the supply chain for the future. By providing organizations with actionable insights from their supply chain data that promote increased cost efficiency and a quicker return on investment, these product developments hope to further assist businesses.

From planning to execution, the Blue Yonder Platform acts as a single source of truth for all supply chain requirements, cutting down on decision-making latency and simplifying the process of facilitating cross-functional cooperation. These new product developments enable enterprises to make better use of data to estimate requirements for supply and demand, enhance inventory usage, and promptly address inefficiencies in yard and warehouse operations that may cause delivery delays.

"Our customers are being helped by these new innovations as they digitally transform their supply chains to leverage AI, ML, and the most recent robotics advancements," stated Duncan Angove, CEO of Blue Yonder. "The breadth of our solutions—including labor, e-commerce, planning, execution, and delivery—is connected by our Blue Yonder Platform. The Blue Yonder Platform enables our customers to enhance their speed and agility, make data-driven choices, and adapt to disruptions by providing straightforward extensibility that enables them to expand and customize their solutions as required. Because of the platform's composability, users can quickly see the value of additional functions by adding them as needed.

The retail, manufacturing, and logistics service provider (LSP) sectors of Blue Yonder are among the primary industries that benefit from the new product advancements. The following will be advantageous to organizations:

Change Retail Enterprise Planning: New insight visualization, attribute-based analysis, hierarchical planning, and collaboration features that enhance cost control and revenue generation from merchandise planning are just a few of the ways that Blue Yonder Cognitive Merchandise Financial Planning is changing the way retailers make decisions.

Optimize Your Fulfillment Sourcing Decisions: Omni-channel leaders may evaluate multiple situations, such as capacity limits, to comprehend trade-offs and choose the best options to guarantee on-time, complete delivery and prevent stockouts. This is made possible by the New Blue Yonder Fulfillment Sourcing Simulator.

Boost Collaboration and Productivity in Planning: Blue Yonder Cognitive Demand Planning facilitates communication between the marketing, sales, and operations teams while streamlining the forecasting process for both new and migrating items. This enables businesses to provide improved client experiences, more control over demand planning procedures, simplified inventory management, and lower supply chain expenses.

Increase Yard Operations' Efficiency: New vision-based, ML-integrated yard analysis centralizes and automates yard management, leading to lower costs and higher throughput.

Boost Quickness and Effectiveness Utilizing AS/RS Technologies: Utilizing state-of-the-art Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS) technology, Robotics Hub now makes high-volume automated processes possible, reducing latency and promoting effective warehouse operations.

Improve the Experience of Digital Retail: Blue Yonder Returns Management leverages data to manage returns optimally for every item, enhancing financial performance, augmenting customer satisfaction, and curbing waste. Retailers have more control over the returns process with improved carrier selection criteria and the ability to designate stores as drop-off sites in the returns journey.

With a single set of data and workflows, Blue Yonder allows transportation, warehouse, and order management teams to work together more quickly and efficiently across all industries. This makes it possible for everyone to be informed right away about problems and opportunities as well as recommended fixes to boost productivity and guarantee that orders are delivered without incurring additional costs. Businesses can enhance service, profitability, and sustainability by gaining end-to-end insight and optimization through the use of composable approaches and wider interoperable flows.