Technology, digitalization and the works

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Publisher's Note

Technology, digitalization and the works

Dear Readers,

A restaurateur friend of mine posed an interesting question for his 30th June billing to patrons who have open tabs at the bar- should he halt service for a few minutes before midnight and settle for pre-GST rates for drinks consumed before midnight and then start charging GST rates post-midnight? 

Well, I don’t know what he will eventually do but there does seem to be all kinds of questions and answers going around about GST rates, etc. When you do receive this magazine, a week of GST implementation would have gone by and most of the speculations would have been laid to rest.

For this reason alone, we decided not to have any content on GST in this issue. Instead, we have a lot of stuff on technology. Steve Mulaik shares the various stages of evolution that a Warehouse Management System (WMS) has been through and offers a sneak peek into the new age warehouse management software.

In the cover story, Manan Bansal shares their supply chain transformational journey, which has helped Liberty Shoes in saving costs to the tune of 15-20%. The interview section also highlights the various innovations and technology solutions, which have been adopted and implemented successfully by the companies and their supply chain leaders.

While Manish Saigal cautions that logistics service providers have no option but to embrace technology, a leading 3PL player, Future Supply Chains, launches the game-changing Cross-Belt sortation technology with sorting productivity of over 36 crore pieces per annum.

From across the world, GE has tested autonomous drones and robotic ‘crawlers’ drones, not for delivery purposes, but for inspection of refineries, factories, railroads and other industrial equipment. While we dedicate this issue to technology, Gartner has come up with the latest supply chain trends to watch out for. Incidentally, digitalization technology has been the number one trend that stands out this year for the supply chain leaders, which includes, Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, cloud computing and advanced analytics.

I hope this issue brings the fence-sitters over to the technology side and the sceptics re-considering their stance.

Happy GST times and all the best for its smooth implementation in your organizations.

Charulata Bansal


[email protected]

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