Roll with the changes

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Publisher's Note

Roll with the changes

Dear Readers,

2017 has brought with it what you now hold in your hands, the inaugural issue of ‘CELERITY in Business through Supply Chain’. Celerity means velocity and through this magazine we aim to promote how logistics and supply chain best practices bring speed in business and help businesses gain competitive advantage.

2017 also brings with it a more determined Government of India which will continue to stick to its guns and do whatever it takes to bring its agenda to reality, be it a cashless, sans black money economy or the GST roll-out.

While it’s a long rough road to being a digital cashless India, we are optimistic that this determination will also see GST being rolled out by September 2017, despite political resistance. Much has been discussed and written on GST in the last two years. This version attempts to bring all current perspectives of GST by all stake-holders and for all stake-holders in one issue.

Walmart’s mission of ‘saving people money’ has been its raison d'etre since inception. With one of the largest global supply chains in the world, Walmart’s core mission is directly driven by its global supply chain practices. Therefore, we were delighted when Mr Krish Iyer consented to speak to us. I am sure you will enjoy and benefit from this read. 

Interviews with senior supply chain practitioners across Industry verticals also gives us the insight that the logistics and supply chain function is now progressive and innovative enough to come out of the backroom and drive boardroom agendas.

On that note, wish you a very Happy New Year! Enjoy the read.

Charulata Bansal


[email protected]

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