Integration between Man and Machine

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Technology & Automation

Integration between Man and Machine

Supply Chain and Logistics are two sides of the same coin. Both have to be clearly visible for the value chain to flow smoothly. Warehousing, transportation, import and export logistics and all other services within the value chain must be seamlessly integrated.

There are technologies which have been implemented to provide this visibility- they enable creating of dashboards, reports and make data flow seamlessly. Many manual processes have got automated. Visibility at all levels has increased. Communication is in real time. Decision making can happen in real time. Actionable metrics can be created which help in continuous improvement of flow and processes. Systems are more compliant than ever and track and trace processes are easier. Technology has truly arrived!

However, technology is ultimately just an enabler. Neither robotics nor any level of artificial intelligence can take the place of emotional intelligence. Therefore, people are the most important asset. The different teams within the chain have to be integrated. They have to work in tandem to minimise disruptions. Each team has to understand the other's challenges. While technology will provide the integration and the required visibility, it's the people who make things happen, who read the data correctly and are able to take informed decisions. The teams who are passionate and empathetic throughout, make the value chain run smoothly.

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