Honing Skills: A Must

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Honing Skills: A Must

Having been attending trade conferences year after year, I have only grown more wiser by meeting the best minds in the industry. These places offers you different perspectives of the same topic and prep you for managing things better in future. While interacting with someone during a recently held event, we came across an interesting topic that would be highly beneficial for you as well. This relates to continuous knowledge enhancement and honing one's supply chain capabilities to rise above the bar.

How many of you have ever given it a thought to opt for a short-term or long-term executive course in supply chain to refresh your captive minds and channelize your energies in something more productive? I am sure in this day-today managing extremely changing scenarios, one mustn't even have thought about it or even if they have, it must have put in the back burner. After all, managing cruciality can certainly be anyone's priority. Having said that, it also becomes imperative to keep on upgrading yourself to not just be in the business, but also excel in the same.

There are ample number of B-Schools which are at your rescue and can certainly shape up everyone's future in the right direction. What one needs to do is to drive all their energy into deciding what direction they would like to spearhead their career into and which course can help them achieve that. I am sure that the management would also be keen to hone their employees' skillset if it ultimately results in more business. Additionally, there are tailor-made courses for corporates which are just not like your regular classroom sessions, but pretty smaller courses specifically designed for that particular organization. A great HR team can be a true enabler in this regard by offering employees much needed support and academia-industry tie-up is what everyone should look upto.

With this thought, I would like to sign off and hear your views as to how can this partnership beautifully transform supply chain stream into one of the biggest organizational gamechanger!

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