A Book to Look Out For

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A Book to Look Out For

A supply chain practitioner-turned-author, we spoke to Vivek Gaurav, Head – Planning, Customer Service & Logistics, General Mills India Business, about his maiden writing venture and plans ahead.

Tell us a little about your book. What would you like our readers to know?

Through this book, I am attempting to inspire my readers to be winners by providing them with a lens for looking at life and its elements from a different perspective through my versions of one-liners that carry playful yet deep messages. I have attempted to put across my messages through punchlines and satirical humour. I like to call it ‘Philosophy made easy.’

What was it that drove you to make this book happen?

I very keenly observe everyone and everything around me. I am passionate about wittily articulating details related to people, behaviour, relationships, food, technology and more. I believe my book can help readers find happiness and can empower them to win at every step.

What kind of impact do you think the book will have on the readers?

I believe there will be a unique connect between this book and its readers. It is normal for readers to be exposed to quotes from famous personalities, but to read about life through wordplay and wit from the guy next door offers a different experience altogether.

I have also tried to create an easier reading experience by classifying the quotes into discrete sections.

How did your corporate life help mould the book?

The impact our work life has on our thought process starts years before the beginning of work life itself. Since childhood, we are exposed to the question of what we want to become when we grow up. That, coupled with observing the work life of people around us, pushes us into imagining our work life in the future.

The book is all about life seen through metaphors and expressions. Over the 14 years of my corporate journey, I have gathered my own little treasure of reflections & observations which I have tried to articulate in a light-hearted and funny manner. Since I spent a few years in the beauty industry, the following quote from my book comes to mind:

“Those with weak ‘Foundation’ tend to get ‘Exposed’ the moment they face a ‘Rainy’ day in life!”

Corporate life is also an on-going journey- full of challenges, thrills and satisfying moments. I have gone through a range of emotions as a professional. Like any professional, I have had my fair share of successes, failures, insecurities and proud moments. There is also a huge amount of cross learning that has taken place between my work life and my personal life. This quote, again from my book, is something I practise personally as well.

“Would like to sleep over an Issue instead of losing sleep over an issue!”

The wit and the fun underlying these quotes may help my readers deal with their worries and pressures. In the end, they should be able to laugh them off as they move on. This quote surely fits the bill.

“Beyond a point, it’s not worthwhile to centre your happiness around salary & calorie!”

Have you commented on any specific elements of a work life through your playful observations?

Certainly. There are a lot of very specific phenomenon, events and facets which are important and critical links when it comes to work life. Performance appraisals, meetings, work-life balance, leadership and interpersonal relations are very important elements of work life.

“Normal distribution curve seems to be used as a scientific justification for abnormal distribution of everything!”

The above quote is my fun tribute to the folks who love analyzing their performance appraisals and annual pay revisions very critically.

“Perhaps, our workforce will start working more intelligently, once we change our parlance from ‘Headcount’ to ‘Braincount’!”

Through the above one-liner, I have tried to sum up my observations about People Management and setting up our work-force for success.

According to you, what makes your book unique among others like it?

Most books based on ‘quotes’ in the market are a collection of quotes from only famous people. There would hardly be any books wholly dedicated to quotes from the ‘guy-next-door’. Also, the overall theme is about life, so all the quotes are connected, yet discreet and touch unique aspects of life itself.

Lastly, since wordplay is a driving force behind this book, people will learn how to have fun with words and be creative with language.


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