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Feb, 22


Next Frontier in Supply Chain Visibility

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Webinar discussion elements

With the ongoing supply chain disruptions leading to delays, visibility enables proactive decision-making, transparency, and trust amongst all stakeholders. Join us to discuss how better visibility translates to fewer disruptions, increased customer satisfaction, and lower costs. Key takeaways for our audience would be -

Need for Intermodal visibility | Visibility of FTL Vs parcel visibility | Parcel visibility beyond e-commerce | In-Plant/Yard logistics management | Advanced analytics and smarter decision making

Panel Speakers-

Mr. Harshit Shrivastava – Founder & CEO at Intugine Technologies - LinkedIn

</p><p><a href="https://www.linkedin.com/in/harshitshrivastava/"> LinkedIn</a></p><p>

Mr. Pankaj Kapoor – Vice President Digital at Tata Consumer Goods - LinkedIn

Mr. Vaibhav Agarwal – National Manager (Head)- Logistics and Customer Service at Britannia Industries - LinkedIn

Mr. Pramod Gupta - Chief Financial Officer and Head of Logistics and IT at Arvind Fashion - LinkedIn

Mr. Hitesh Arya - Sr General Manager - Ultratech Cement- LinkedIn

Moderator – Mr. Sanjay Desai - Co-Founder, Regional Director Talent Development & Exec Placement at Humana International Group, Singapore - LinkedIn