Roadmap to Supply Chain Success

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Supply Chain Leaders

Roadmap to Supply Chain Success

Come 2023, and the country is all set to script an incredible growth story on the back of robust economy, technology prowess, government enabling policy, fast shaping up infrastructure and an astounding supply chain ecosystem. While there will be upheavals in this growth journey, owing to certain external factors, the growth matrices are definitely in India’s favour. Taking a refreshing take on this buoyant trajectory, our cover story this time offers the supply chain fraternity the Roadmap to Success to assist them in strengthening the growth expanse through the poised enablers – Technology, Automation, Sustainability and Talent.

Needless to say, these critical pillars have been a solid bedrock for growth till date and will certainly remain so in the future as well. While the fast-developing technological advancements are bringing new ways of managing supply chain efficiently and are making it more streamlined, transparent, and connected, the transformational landscape of automation in the entire value chain, be it warehousing or packaging, is ably supporting the big bang transition for companies. Never has ever sustainability received such a great thrust from all the quarters owing to the consumers’ increased awareness on creating a fine balance between consumption and environment. This concerted thrust is offering a new realm to companies in striking the right ecological equilibrium. Companies are fast realising that tracking supply chain footprints is one of the most critical aspects in ensuring sustainable expanse in the entire value chain.

In order to bring the best of all these pillars, Talent has an empowering role to play. New age supply chain professionals are not just proving their mark in this highly dynamic field but are also giving it a whole new identity and are making it mainstream. With 3Cs – Connectivity, Circularity and Customization as the cornerstones for supply chain, these are fascinating times to be in this vibrant segment that cuts across each and every industry vertical and garners tangible gains for the organisations.

The individual expert articles, in this section, will offer nuanced insights into each and every enabler and will serve as a guide in companies’ next phase of growth in supply chain. Our Megatrends article in this section provides an all-encompassing projection for supply chain professionals for shape of things to unfold their way. A ready reckoner of sorts, this theme stakes its claim for supply chain to be the ultimate Roadmap to Success.

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