About Us


As the name suggests, Celerity aims to bring speed to all your supply chain thoughts and action in this time poor world. Through various platforms, we aim to promote how supply chain best practices bring speed in business and help businesses gain competitive advantage. The major objective is to highlight the importance of a well-run supply chain operation and bring supply chain from the back-end to the boardroom.


To persistently explore and uncover business needs pertaining to supply chain and logistics and enable business growth of our readers and subscribers by providing multiple platforms to share, ask and discover best practices.


To connect India’s professionals to share, learn, connect, exchange ideas, discover and network amongst their chosen domain, in this case, supply chain and logistics. Our services are designed to enable you to promote supply chain and logistics best practices through your own experiences in India and abroad. We aim to help you create a network of trusted relationships.


As a marketing professional working for a leading 3PL, I realized that apart from a few good events, there were no other leading medium for Indian supply chain professionals to network and connect. I started this venture to fill this gap.

Some Faces

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Charulata Bansal
Find-er & Do-er

A savvy marketer having worked across a variety of Industry verticals and companies, Charu’s last stint in a supply chain services company reinforced in her the need to get knowledge accessible to all through good content.

When she is not disrupting at work, she disrupts her work by going for high altitude treks in the Himalayas.